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1. The cost of our hall for a non-member is $350 for a four hour rental. Each additional hour is $100. This is to be paid 1 week prior to the hall rental.

2. There will be a $100 refundable deposit to be given upon signing the contract for the rental. This will be given back if the hall is cleaned according to the guidelines of this contract and the hall rental chairman.


3. There will be a $40 bartender fee added for four hours, if you will be having beer and wine at your affair. This is payable directly to the bartender in charge of your affair. Each additional hour will be $10. You can bring your own beer and wine, but all spirits must be purchased at the lounge.


4. Any beer and wine you bring must be taken back with you.


5. All alcohol must be consumed in the hall. There may not be any alcohol brought outside.


6. Use of the kitchen is limited to heating up food only. You may not cook anything in the kitchen.


7. Clean up consists of throwing all garbage outside in the pails, a full sweep of the hall, cleaning up the kitchen if it was used, and wiping down tables. A $50 charge will be added if the hall is not cleaned.


8. All Friday and Saturday rentals must end by 1 A.M. All Sunday rentals must end by 11 P.M.


9. Any violation of these rules will result in forfeiture of your deposit, and possible non-refundable cancellation of the remaining time of your affair.


To rent the hall or for any questions, please contact Steve 732-865-5861 or Email




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