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      The Ambition and goal of the Americanism Committee is to quicken the spirit of american patriotism and to stimulate an awareness -a genuine feeling of pride and respect toward patriotism- so that we as members will become constant reminders of our Nation, that America truly means freedom.

     Americanism is a one of the biggest committees that the have. The committee is dedicated to the everything that is America. They hold special ceremonies to show the evolution  of the flag, and the proper way of flag etiquette. They will host flag retirement ceremonies each year to properly retire flags that are torn or tattered. The committee also holds a ceremony for 9/11, a day that hurt this nation. They are involved with the schools by hosting essay contest for the children, where they can win scholarships.


If you are interested in this committee or have any questions , please contact our chairwoman Kelly Hynes @732-619-1646.

America The Beautiful - Willie Nelson
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